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May 03, 2007


Robert Miller

Nice post! I have one comment about "customization." I agree that some large organizations will need a lot of customization. The key is for the association to pick a vendor that has a powerful toolkit and an open integration model (i.e. communicate via XML Web Services). This will allow that association, their partners or the AMS vendor to substantially extend the product and still stay on the product's valuable upgrade path. Remaining on the upgrade path ensures longevity of the system, keeps the system current with technology, and allows the vendor to provide quality support.

Joe Grant

Good point Robert! I like how many of the AMS providers can build functionality with extenders and not impact the upgrade path.

Many associations get so comfortable with the way they have always done things that they refuse to adapt to the new system which may involve a cleaner and more streamlined process. It's that good old fear of change, trying to hinder progress. What many associations may not understand is that massive customization essentially handcuffs you to the vendor for LIFE! Well maybe not life, but you get the picture. It's important during the early stages to think things through and be flexible.

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